Furs, & Feathers, & Scales!


Don't you wish you knew what they were saying and feeling?

Dr. Marie has been talking to animals since childhood. In addition to dogs, horses, and cats, she has worked with snakes, birds, raccoons, bunnies, rats, bears, and exotics. She enhanced her natural skills with years of study in animal behavior, animal health and nutrition, and animal behavioral psychology. Learn how to take better care of your animals through Dr. Marie’s services at Life Path Healings in Yucaipa, California.

Remember that just because you love your animal doesn't mean you are providing care or an environment appropriate to the species. Sometimes, verbal communication is not enough when it comes to communicating with your animals; more skills are needed to effectively know what they are feeling and what they need.

Schedule A Communication Session with your Pet

Readings for and about your beloved animals can be done via phone, Skype, or in person. However, behavioral relearning needs to be done on-site and in person. You can also arrange a group meeting for behavioral teachings to help rehabilitate an animal and to teach owners and caregivers better skills. An appointment is strictly required for all sessions, and recording is allowed. 

Cost: $90 for 30 min or $180 for 1 hour


Life Path Healings Wildlife Rescue

In addition to "rescuing and rehabilitating” people, Dr. Marie's extracurricular work is helping wildlife to recover and be free. Currently working as a substation under a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator, she specializes in taking in raptors (owls, hawks, falcons). They are fed, given medicines as needed, sometimes bandaged and splinted, and encouraged to fly again (or for the first time if they are babies). Dr. Marie does all the work, cleaning, building and repairing cages, often driving to pick up and driving again to release the birds, and pays all costs from her own earned income. Hence the need for fundraising, especially food, as birds of prey are carnivores and "meat" is very expensive.

Dr. Marie's personal pets are also all rescues.

Donations for food (baby formulas, rats, mice, etc.), cage repairs, medicine and medical supplies, etc. are gratefully accepted.  



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