Connect With Your Spiritual Self

Offering  Eastern and Shamanic Teachings of meditation, healings, & energy work to cultivate the Self and strengthen your Spiritual Path. Classes & private sessions.

Readings & Healings for humans & pets. PhD Psychology


Combining Taoist Practices and Psychological Tools

Dr. Marie Feuer works primarily as an acknowledged Spiritual Teacher at Life Path Healings in Yucaipa, California with over 38 years as an initiated student following the traditions of the practices taught by her Teacher of 40 years, Wong Loh Sin See.

Her additional body/mind/Spirit training spans over 50 years including shamanism, complementary medicines, remote healing, animal communication, and energy healing. In addition, her PhD in health psychology and behavioral medicine provides students and clients with powerful tools for recovery work. Not just a psychologist, she is a gifted clairvoyant, psychic, energy healer and animal communicator. In private sessions Dr. Marie’s Predictive Readings help you navigate your upcoming Life Path and provide tools for any upcoming challenges. Her Readings are detailed and specific to each person's Life Path and Soul Evolution.

The Practice

At the Life Path Healings meditation studio you will learn how to cultivate the Self, identify and work with personal shortcomings, and live more from the aspects of your higher Spiritual Self. The classes and workshops offered at Life Path Healings will teach you how to build a strong, balanced, energetic, and Spiritual core. With the practice of silent meditation, students learn to connect to and receive Guidance via their own personal connection to a Higher Power, to Source.

Dr. Marie believes in teaching you so that you may have the skills and Spiritual connection to cultivate your own Path rather than constantly relying on other people for guidance. Her Spiritual Practice is available and suitable for people of any background or belief system.

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Life Path Healings is an Eastern based Taoist practice... It is not New Age. The practice is primarily silent meditation. Dr. Marie’s cultivated energy will enhance your experiences and your ability to feel and work with Energies as you develop your own skills. At Life Path Healings supportive community, you will be able to connect, learn, and share with like-minded people. Attending the meditation classes, meditation intensive workshops and specialized workshops at Life Path Healings, you will learn to:

Personally connect with Your Source and your Higher Self

Use healing energies for yourself and others

Develop intuitive and psychic skills

Connect with pets, animals and Nature Spirits 

Learn the arts of Mysticism (which exist in all world religions

Some of the Many Skills
and Services Offered by Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie can guide you through the mystical art of meditation in order to build and sustain a deep daily connection with a personal Source and through this process, you will heal body, mind, and spirit. You will grow and evolve as a soul as well as a person. With ongoing work, Dr. Marie will give you solid tools to navigate this incarnation, this life on Earth. Some of Dr. Marie's tools include:

  • Psychic and Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings
  • Pet Readings
  • Pet Psychology and Rehabilitation
  • Horse Therapy
  • Spiritual Entity Removal
  • Shamanic Practices
  • Crystal Healings
  • Energy Work for Emotional Issues
  • Past Lives and Physical Healings
  • Alternative Medicines
  • Spirit-Based Psychology Practices
Life Path Healings
private sessions

Private Sessions

Dr. Marie provides support for people with ongoing recovery therapies for emotional issues, which include narcissistic behaviors, sexual or gender issues, relationship challenges, addictions, and more. Private sessions are available for individuals, couples, and families. All psychological tools will be connected to appropriate spiritual practices and your Life Chart Soul Evolution.

Private sessions are available for individuals, couples, and families. In addition to Spiritual tools and practices, Dr. Marie uses evidence-based therapeutic tools and practices. Dr. Marie specializes in recovery from the destructive behaviors of codependency and ACA, addictions, abuse, trauma, sexual issues and mood dysfunctions. She is a supporter of 12-step programs which use the connection with a Higher Power for recovery work. Dr. Marie always aligns your psychological work with your Life Path Chart which focuses on the evolution of your Soul. Her work also identifies and addresses emotional and physical issues that are the result of food and chemical toxicity, entity infestations, and other psychic phenomena.

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