What if your life could be More?

What if you could experience renewed joy and confidence as you learn and practice strengthening your own energy field? How would you feel if you now had practical skills, along with your enhanced energies, that enabled you to live your life more fully and more authentically? 

What if you had more magic in your life and your connection to Spirit became so strong you could finally begin to feel safe? 

Wouldn't you love to be able to deeply study mystical and healing arts all in one location? Like a university? 

Hi. This is me. Dr. Marie. I use the doctor title because I did earn a PhD in psychology. I usually go by Marie.  Modern new age marketing requires everyone to sell their "method" (usually through a series of videos $$$). I don't offer "one method" or one set of tools. I believe each person is different and each person requires specific personalized individual responses and tools. I have an extensive range, not one method.

Raised an athiest,  I began my spiritual journey in 1970 and in the following decades trained and worked with Teachers that allowed me to study with them to discover and develop my natural gifts and talents.  The depth of my learning and training and offerings ranges from Medicine People of the First Nation tribes to remote healers from Asia and so much more in between.

What I have learned comes mostly from oral traditions, handed down only to students chosen by each Teacher.  None of this knowledge and wisdom is commercially available.

Imagine meditating with an energy master, an elder?

I work primarily as a Teacher (encouraged and endorsed by her own Spiritual Teacher) at Life Path Healings Meditation Studio, with over 38 years as an initiated student offering the oral traditions and mystical energetic Eastern practices I learned as taught by my primary Teacher of 40 years, Wong Loh Sin See and Leong Tan.

I became a "life coach" before it became an official certified title, an energy worker before reiki was invented, psychospiritual educator using holistic body mind spirit methodologies and horse connected sessions long before these became recognized as formal and legitimate practices. As a professor, I was often threatened with being fired for teaching these theories and practices as they were not recognized or some were even considered illegal in those days (acupuncture for example was "practicing medicine without a license!)

My body/mind/Spirit training spans over 50 years including shamanism, complementary medicines, remote healing, animal communication, and energy healing. In addition to spiritual and mystic practices, having a Ph.D. in health psychology and behavioral medicine I also offer a plethora of powerful tools for recovery work including CPTSD, codependency, cult and coercive control, dysfunctional family systems and attachment disorders, and mental health issues that are caused by poor diet and exposure to food and environmental toxins. 

As a clairvoyant, psychic, catalytic energy healer, and  animal communicator I bring a great deal more into sessions than just psychology. As a PhD I also bring more into sessions than just "gifts" from the cosmos. Some evidence based neuroscience practices really work too! Sometimes it's not a past life, you just need and aspirin.

In private sessions, predictive Readings will help you navigate your upcoming Life Path and provide tools for any upcoming challenges. My Readings are detailed and specific to each person's Life Path and Soul Evolution. Any ongoing support you might need will be personally individualized to you and your Soul Path as well the specifics of your current physical and emotional life here in this incarnation.


At the Life Path Healings meditation studio, you will learn how to cultivate the Self, identify and work with personal shortcomings, and live more from the aspects of your higher Spiritual Self. The classes and workshops offered at Life Path Healings will teach you how to build a strong, balanced, energetic, and Spiritual core. With the practice of silent meditation, students learn to connect to and receive Guidance via their own personal connection to a Higher Power, to Source.

Dr. Marie believes in teaching you so that you may have the skills and Spiritual connection to cultivate your own Path rather than constantly relying on other people for guidance. Her Spiritual Practice is available and suitable for people of any background or belief system.

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Life Path Healings is an Eastern-based Taoist practice. It is not New Age. The practice is primarily silent meditation.  Dr. Marie has a naturally strong catalytic energy field and has been a clairvoyant (and so much more) since childhood.  Not just relying on raw talent, she has cultivated and expanded her natural strengths and gifts with decades of personal practice. Sitting in her circle will accelerate and enhance your ability to feel energies and work them in a more expansive manner than ever before. 

Classes at Life Path Healings offer a supportive community for you to connect, learn, and share with like-minded people. At Life Path Healings, you will be able to:

Go deep inside your Self to forge a deep and powerful relationship with your Higher Self.

Learn to be your own champion, your own best friend

Use healing energies for yourself and others

Deeply develop intuitive and psychic skills

Connect with pets, animals, and Nature Spirits 

Practice other mystical arts taught only by oral traditions, handed down from her Teachers

On-going Personal Intensive Work with Dr. Marie

There is no real way to explain in words what it is like to work with Dr. Marie on an ongoing basis. A one-session Reading gives you a road map but not the tools to traverse the trail ahead of you. A one-session Healing will address a current condition or issue but not the root cause, the source of what producing the conditions that are making you sick or depressed, or anxious etc...

Ongoing work, whether individually scheduled sessions or monthly work offers a combination of unique energy work, life coaching strategies, psychology tools, spiritual soul readings that are psychic/channeled and clairvoyant, shamanic journeying, and more.

There is no standardized marketable method here at Life Path Healings. Dr. Marie brings 40 years of experience and tools, training (with Teachers, medicine people, shamans, remote healers, and more) and practice into her work and each individual is approached that way...... as an individual.

Dr. Marie works on herself, and has since she was 17 years old (actually earlier as well), has sought out formal education and continues in an ongoing personal spiritual practice of meditation and self-reflection. In other words, she walks her talk.

If you have any questions you are welcome to call and have a preliminary conversation with Dr. Marie to get more information and to also "feel out" if she is someone you would like to work with on an ongoing basis in order to grow and learn, or to get "back on track."