What is Life Path Healings?

Dr. Marie spent 50 years of studying and 38 years practicing spiritual healing and the mystical arts. She has an extensive background in human and animal psychology, teaching, leadership training, career development, natural health, and alternative medicines. Because of her expertise, Life Path Healings became a center for people to develop their spiritual, esoteric, psychic, and healing abilities.

This is also a place to recover from coercive control, undue influence, or other abusive behaviors from organizations or individuals.


Dr. Marie releasing a rescued owl.

when is the last time you risked feeling hopeful? Our Guarantee: no toxic positivity. rather real guidance and tools based on your life chart, tailored to Your life path

A Reading with Dr. Marie can help you understand what you came here to accomplish, what strengths and weaknesses you have, and what you will encounter on the trail of your Path. With this information, you can better prepare for your Life’s Path by harnessing your strong points and improving on your shortcomings. The Readings can give you a map of what is to come and help you understand events that happened.

Now that you have a map, you need "gear" to better traverse your Path. Book some personal sessions to get the tools and support you need to journey forward.

You chose your path before you came here and now you have Choices to make. how you will handle yourself as well as the ups and downs of the path you chose??

Planning a vacation or for a new experience (sky diving for example)  is completely different than living the actual experience. Typically when you plan to travel somewhere you have never been before and/or do something you have never done before (in this case, your future) you consult with people or sources to get the best tips on what to do, what to avoid, and the absolute must see's and must do's!

How many times have you wished you could have a travel guide you could deeply trust? One that would enhance your Journey not only with gear but also with wisdom gained by experience and backed by know-how, education, reputation, and talent!

One-stop shopping?!

Don't you love going to REI, Whole Foods, or for some of you a Walmart Super Store, where you can get EVERYTHING in one location?

At Life Path Healings your body is a priority. You can work on getting your physical health up and running with lifestyle changes and natural remedies. Your physical health absolutely affects your mental health. About 80 percent of mental health diagnosis (depression, bipolar, anxiety, addictions, OCD, etc.) is really not a mental health issue but one of toxicity. This is one of Dr. Marie's specialties and was the focus of her Ph.D. studies: lifestyle changes (called behavioral medicines) and natural remedies).

Do you suffer from obsessive thinking (stinking thinking) that continuously takes you down a dark tunnel? Do you talk to your Self in a manner so mean, so demeaning, so critical, that if you ever talked to a friend that way s/he would leave or perhaps even consider "giving up" or even suicide? Many people have horrible, cruel self-talk and don't even know they are doing that because they have been doing it for so long that they have forgotten there is any other way to be.  This is where the magic of psychological tools and methods become invaluable tools and Dr. Marie has been working with these tools since the 1970s and continues to learn and use the newest and best evidence-based tools that we all can use to improve how we think and feel about ourselves. Changing your energy is essential too, so look at the next paragraph.

Every person senses energy and every person is spiritual. When people deny this, we can say, well, I don't believe in gravity.  And yet, there it is.  At Life Path Healings there is no "methodology", well silent meditation is a constant, but other than that, you will come here to find your Path, what works best for you at this point in your life, in your development. Dr. Marie had broad and diverse spiritual background spanning 50+ years, from indigenous practices to quantum medicines and remote healing you will have the opportunity to find and connect with energies you did not know existed and to cultivate talents and gifts you did not know you had.   As a catalyst, a "fire starter" you will be able to clear out the old debris and fire up your energetic engines.

Everyone is different. You, in partnership with Dr. Marie, will find what's right for you, right now.

Improve the quality of your life and develop your spiritual talents and gifts. Contact Dr. Marie to book a consultation.