Evening Classes: $36   every Wednesday Evening 6:30-8:30 pm. RSVP REQUIRED. by noon Wednesday. Pay in person or electronically the morning of the class via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal using theFriends and Family option.

Classes include "Readings", healings, deep meditation work, and ongoing Teachings and practices for each person to develop their own Spiritual Skills.

Specialized ZOOM Classes and in-person day long workshops are periodically offered.  Message Dr. Marie to be added to the email and/or text list to receive notifications of upcoming events. 

Text: 818-439-9929   Email:

LBGQTAI  and all races, ethnicities, religious/spiritual beliefs welcome.

PeRSONAL sessions:
Renew your Spiritual Self WITH THE HELP OF DR MARIE

Dr. Marie believes that each person has different needs. .Some people do better with classes, and others personal private sessions. Individual sessions include Life Path Readings, energy healings, transmissions of new Spiritual Skills, tools for real world problem solving, opportunities for you to contact your own Higher Source and learn how to better help others as well as your Self. There is no "standardized" method. Each person is treated a unique individual and every Session is Guided by Spirits channeled by Dr. Marie as well as the application of her decades of experience, trainings and education.

People who are interested in living an awakened spiritual life typically become a "student' and study with Dr. Marie on an ongoing basis in order to strengthen their own Path and Practice.

Personal Sessions for Spiritual and Personal Development: $162 an hour. Available in person or online video/phone. Dr. Marie helps pets too! Go to the Pets page for more information.

Ongoing monthly work for intensive development: $360. 4 Zoom 1/2 hour Sessions , one per week with "homework" done each week. You set the schedule and Dr. Marie works with you to establish the work you will do each week. It is recommended that this work is only for people who have either worked with Wong Loh Sin See or Dr. Marie for some time and have also done personal and/or Spirituat growth work on your own. This work is not recommended for newbies as you must be able to work by yourself. 

Personal Sessions for Spiritual and Personal Development: $162 and hour. Available in person or online video/phone. See below to read about these sessions in more detail.  Dr. Marie helps pets too! Go to the Pets page for more information.

Ongoing monthly work for intensive development: $360

Please contact Dr. Marie if you have  any questions or wish to discuss what might work best for you at this time.  818-439-9929

You are encouraged to contact Dr. Marie before making an appointment to discuss options with her. There is no charge for this initial contact.

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On-going Personal Intensive Work with Dr. Marie

There is no real way to explain in words what it is like to work with Dr. Marie on an ongoing basis. A one session "Reading"gives you a road map but not the tools to traverse the trail ahead of you. A one session Healing will address a current condition or issue but not the root cause, the source of what producing the conditions that are making you sick or depressed, or anxious etc. .

Ongoing work, whether individually scheduled sessions or monthly work offers a combination of unique energy work, life coaching strategies, psychology tools, spiritual soul readings that are psychic/channeled and clairvoyant, shamanic journeying and more.

There is no standardized marketable method here at Life Path Healings. Dr. Marie brings 40 years of   experience and tools, training (with Teachers, medicine people, shamans , remote healers and more) and practice into her work and each individual is approached that way...... as an individual.

Dr. Marie works on herself, and has since she was 17 years old (actually earlier as well), has sought out formal education and continues in an on-going  personal spiritual practice of meditation and self reflection. In other words, she walks her talk. 

If you have any questions you are welcome to call and have a preliminary conversation with Dr. Marie to get more information and to also "feel out" if she is someone you would like to work with on an ongoing basis in order to grow and learn, or to get "back on track."


Dr. Marie provides in-person, online, and phone sessions that cost $162 per hour or $81 per half an hour. Evening meditation classes $36, RSVP REQUIRED. Weekend workshops and intensives $324.

Monthly work: $360

Sessions are strictly by appointment only. The 30-minute sessions are available for quick questions and answers. Remote Phone or Video chat appointmentstimes are not confirmed until payment is made.


A 48-hour cancellation is required for all appointments and 10 minutes late for your session will be considered a last minute cancellation with no refund. Refunds will be issued if your personal session runs shorter than originally scheduled. No refunds on monthly work.


The preferred method of payment is through Venmo and Zelle. For payments via Zelle, please use the phone number (818) 439-9929.

For PayPal use the Friends and Family option when making a payment. 


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Dr. Marie uses psychic and mystical practices, energy work, and alternative approaches to help out her clients. Contact her for more information.